Lizy's mindful movement has been absolutely transformative for me. As a trauma survivor, I have always had difficulty sticking with any sort of yoga class or program (no matter how wonderful the teacher or venue)...being present in my body has just been too intense. 

Lizy meets me where I am on the mat each and every time. Her intuition is spot-on. She seems to know what I need to work on, where I can stand to open up and her approach is very gentle. Even the subtlest of movements have had profound effects! I can't recommend her enough.


After only a handful of sessions with Lizy, I have found a passion for my mindfulness and self-discovery. Her attention to detail is more than apparent, and she allows me to go at my own pace. The weekly discussions never disappoint as I always walk away (or log off, I should say) feeling wonderful and determined to focus on my personal growth. The cannabis education has been more than interesting, but there is no pressure to use it if I don’t desire. This has been very beneficial for my mental health, as well as all aspects of my life. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity of her lessons and therefore, it is my most endearing honor to recommend Lizy for all. 


During a Zoom call, just by watching THE WAY I STOOD UP, Liz unofficially diagnosed me with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, the same syndrome she suffers from. After 3 painful years of not finding answers to many health issues, everything finally started to make sense. Liz encouraged me to go to a rheumatologist to get an official diagnosis. Months later I was diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Because of Liz, I have been validated that I am not a hypochondriac. More exciting than having a name to my illness, I know how to manage it and advocate for myself and my needs.


Liz and I began to meet on zoom every week for 12 sessions. She guided me conversationally, in meditation and yoga, and she encouraged me to change some habits and incorporate new ones. The biggest change has been realizing how certain daily checks like nutrition, hydration, rest, exercise and cannabis play a major role in my pain and energy levels. Liz is very knowledgeable and passionate about cannabis. I now have my medical card and Liz helped guide me on all of the many unknowns of using cannabis properly and effectively for my personal needs. I avoid prescribed medications whenever possible due to their side effects. If there is a life change or a natural remedy I can adopt, I do that. In the fall of 2020 I was also diagnosed with stomach erosions due to overuse of ibuprofen. I was using it daily for pain and inflammation. This being said, cannabis will forever be my number one medicine for pain, inflammation and anxiety, with no worry of side effects. 


I had used cannabis for years for anxiety and migraines, but only a few times a week. Once I started using cannabis daily I could not BELIEVE the changes. I started having more stamina in every part of my life. I had less joint pain, inflammation and shorter recovery time after activities. My stress and anxiety levels are almost gone. Pairing all of this with Physical Therapy, and seeing many different doctors at University of Penn Hospital, I have learned SO much and I feel like I understand and respect myself and my body now.


Everything Liz does is with love, respect, compassion and knowledge. My husband constantly raves about the positive changes he sees in me and it's usually paired with "Thank God for Liz." Being in the presence of Liz is being in a safe place. I trust her entirely and I feel like I can tell her anything without ever being judged. She is a profound and empathetic listener. She always meets me where I am, and is extremely excellent at reading my needs for that day, often rearranging plans for that session. I feel in debt to Liz for teaching me that I am a rockstar who has put in the work to be where I am, which is still nowhere near where I need or want to be, but I am undaunted by the challenge. I am excited to see how

much stronger I will continue to become.