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What they're saying...

Charlie K. 

Welcome to Lizy’s boot camp!!

When we started working i thought that the ”Full Spectrum” in the business name was connected to cannabis and our work would  include only cannabis.

But it is actually about full spectrum of life, all parts of it, and cannabis is the cherry on top of the cake.

My access to cannabis was heavily restricted (thanks to our caring government) so we couldn’t get nearly full potential out of it, but still there were many useful therapy methods, that we could work on and which i will keep with me.

On top of Lizy’s work she is a very passionate and loving person with a heart the size of an elephant. She held my hand and gently helped me to get out of my trench.  It was very uncomfortable but worth it. Now i am moving. The pace isn’t fast, but the direction is good.


I graduated, barely though, with a boot mark in my butt. I can still feel it.

Lizy a.k.a Heavenly Puff has something that Uncle Sam couldn’t offer to you.

So would you give yourself a chance and let Lizy help you to

get out of your own trench?”

Leslie D.

Where do I even begin? Let’s start with my sleeping patterns. I was taking medication to help with my insomnia and I was still averaging 2-3 hours of broken sleep. Within 2 weeks of meeting with Liz, I began to notice a change in the quality of sleep. As time progressed, I was sleeping 6 hours a night on average without medication. Liz educated me on what was truly required for my overall well-being. She then educated me on the plethora of cannabis products available and what would be better suited for my day to day needs (given I also deal with migraines and anxiety). Liz even went with me to select said products. I am so grateful to her and her ability to truly listen to me. She’s sincere, thoughtful, honest, and a true ally for self-care and physical/mental/emotional well-being.

I’m grateful to call her a coach and friend.


Bonus, I am a lot less grumpy now that I’m averaging 7 hours of sleep.

Stephen B.

 Lizy is a vibrant, compassionate, spiritually conscience driven knowledge philanthropist, who helps cultivate others through positive kinetic energy mentoring.  I was honored with the opportunity to have her as a mentor.  She truly has a heart for helping people, with unwavering optimism

and dedication, drawing out your best. 

Guiding mentees across the spectrum, bridging the gap to the future ideal YOU!

Brian C.

It's truly hard to put into words what Lizy and her full-spectrum coaching has done to help my life. Before I started meeting with Lizy I was experiencing daily chronic pain that would be so intense that I'd be unable to enjoy life or time with my family. The doctors labeled it as "Fibromyalgia" and tossed me aside. Since experiencing mindfulness training, the power of terpenes and sifting through the events of my life I realized my chronic pain came from trauma and the lack of self care due to that trauma. Since my time with Lizy I've learned to care for myself in a way I never thought imaginable. My pain doesn't exist most days and I've been able to enjoy and appreciate my life. I owe Lizy my happiness because without her I never would have found out where my pain was deriving from and I never would have had the outlook on life without pain as I do now. 

Nayade M.

Liz has made a huge impact in my life. I have come full circle with her help.

She has helped me recognize my trauma and cope with my anxiety and stress with her method of coaching. In just a short 6 months I feel like a completely new person. I now feel confident to pursue my career as an artist and feel equipped to overcome any obstacles in my way, with Lizy’s meditation and coping mechanisms. My friends and family have noticed a difference and love the new confident happy me! Thanks, Liz!

Sarah H.

I started my sessions with Liz with little understanding of mindfulness and unsure of what to expect. All I knew was that I was feeling backed into a corner in my life and (in a COVID-19 era) that my emotions were running me rather than the other way around. I knew change was the only option. I had no idea that I had unresolved trauma wounds that I had been neglecting, removing the

thorns that were keeping me from having fulfilling relationships with my

family, my partner, my friends.


Liz's open energy helped me feel comfortable confronting things that would have otherwise taken me years of therapy. As a woman, she showed me how to put myself first for myself and for those that are in my life. I'm not perfect but I'm leagues ahead of where I was six months ago. I have the tools now to handle whatever life has to throw at me knowing that it is only temporary. It's an honor to know her. She has a very special gift and I hope she continues

sharing it with the world.

Tara C.

Lizy's mindful movement has been absolutely transformative for me. As a trauma survivor, I have always had difficulty sticking with any sort of yoga class or program (no matter how wonderful the teacher or venue)...being present in my body has just been too intense. 

Lizy meets me where I am on the mat each and every time. Her intuition is spot-on. She seems to know what I need to work on, where I can stand to open up and her approach is very gentle. Even the subtlest of movements have had profound effects! I can't recommend her enough.

Jenny T.

Liz helped me and my two boys with a very traumatic diagnosis my 21 year old son was given when he was 19. He suffers from Schizophrenia, PTSD, OCD, and severe Anxiety.  It was difficult for all of us to say and accept.  Not to mention it took my son 2 years to understand what was happening to him.  He has been hospitalized 4 times for psychosis.  He is on two medications, one monthly injection and one daily prescription.


Liz came into our situation at a poignant time!  My son does use Cannabis with much guidance from Liz, as to what strains he needs to stay away from and which ones are beneficial.  More importantly she has provided him with Zoom sessions that provide him with a safe place to share his thoughts and feelings.  She has been his safe place to share his thoughts and feelings.  She has been able to provide him with very helpful coping skills to use in his daily living.  She has made it a comfortable place to share his feelings when he did not feel comfortable sharing with anyone else.  Now he is reaching out to her on his own!  After a session with Liz, he has a pep in his step, is feeling better about himself and his diagnosis.  I can't say enough about what she has provided for my other son (23), as well as, me.  She has given us techniques to use to help keep ourselves healthy, using meditation and self awareness, which helps us also deal with this diagnosis.


If you or anyone you may know, is looking for any type of cannabis coaching or meditation/self awareness skills, I highly recommend her!  Her sessions have left me calm, and more aware of myself, and have aided in my ability to take care of myself so that I can be the best mom I can be.

Jennifer B.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Lizy throughout my pregnancy and words fall short to encompass how meaningful this time has been. Lizy exudes patience, kindness, and wisdom. Each time we’ve met I’ve felt heard and valued, and she’s helped tremendously in my journey to listen to and value myself. 


Lizy will meet you where you are and gently help you uncover the best path for your needs and your personal growth. Her extensive education and experience, paired with her genuinely curious and intuitive nature will put you at ease and help to create a relationship built on trust and openness. With practice and dedication, the insight you gain and skills you learn will undoubtedly change your perspective on life for the better, enhance your self- confidence, and increase trust in your own independence. 


I truly cannot say enough good about Lizy and I am beyond grateful for our time together and all that it has taught me. 

Jeannine M.

After only a handful of sessions with Lizy, I have found a passion for my mindfulness and self-discovery. Her attention to detail is more than apparent, and she allows me to go at my own pace. The weekly discussions never disappoint as I always walk away (or log off, I should say) feeling wonderful and determined to focus on my personal growth.

The cannabis education has been more than interesting, but there is no pressure to use it if I don’t desire. This has been very beneficial for my mental health, as well as all aspects of my life. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity of her lessons and therefore, it is my most endearing honor to recommend Lizy for all. 

Jessica P.

During a Zoom call, just by watching THE WAY I STOOD UP, Liz unofficially diagnosed me with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, the same syndrome she suffers from. After 3 painful years of not finding answers to many health issues, everything finally started to make sense. Liz encouraged me to go to a rheumatologist to get an official diagnosis. Months later I was diagnosed with Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Because of Liz, I have been validated that I am not a hypochondriac. More exciting than having a name to my illness, I know how to manage it and advocate for myself and my needs.


Liz and I began to meet on zoom every week for 12 sessions. She guided me conversationally, in meditation and yoga, and she encouraged me to change some habits and incorporate new ones. The biggest change has been realizing how certain daily checks like nutrition, hydration, rest, exercise and cannabis play a major role in my pain and energy levels. Liz is very knowledgeable and passionate about cannabis. I now have my medical card and Liz helped guide me on all of the many unknowns of using cannabis properly and effectively for my personal needs. I avoid prescribed medications whenever possible due to their side effects. If there is a life change or a natural remedy I can adopt, I do that. In the fall of 2020 I was also diagnosed with stomach erosions due to overuse of ibuprofen. I was using it daily for pain and inflammation. This being said, cannabis will forever be my number one medicine for pain, inflammation and anxiety,

with no worry of side effects. 


I had used cannabis for years for anxiety and migraines, but only a few times a week. Once I started using cannabis daily I could not BELIEVE the changes. I started having more stamina in every part of my life. I had less joint pain, inflammation and shorter recovery time after activities. My stress and anxiety levels are almost gone. Pairing all of this with Physical Therapy, and seeing many different doctors at University of Penn Hospital, I have learned SO much and I feel like I understand and respect myself and my body now.


Everything Liz does is with love, respect, compassion and knowledge. My husband constantly raves about the positive changes he sees in me and it's usually paired with "Thank God for Liz." Being in the presence of Liz is being in a safe place. I trust her entirely and I feel like I can tell her anything without ever being judged. She is a profound and empathetic listener. She always meets me where I am, and is extremely excellent at reading my needs for that day, often rearranging plans for that session. I feel in debt to Liz for teaching me that I am a rockstar who has put in the work to be where I am, which is still nowhere near where I need or want to be, but I am undaunted by the challenge. I am excited to see how

much stronger I will continue to become.

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