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Meet Lizy

Certified Cannabis Coach & Educator

Mindful Movement Guide

Lizy Maratea is the creator of Full Spectrum Compassionate Coaching, through which she offers cannabis education and protocol development, as well as guidance on mindfulness, movement, and mindset management for transforming one's life.


Diagnosed at the age of three with a degenerative connective tissue disorder (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and at the age of 33 with complex post traumatic stress, Lizy has managed her own chronic pain, OCD, ADHD, and anxiety with the aid of cannabis for more than twenty years, and found synergistic healing when combining plant medicine with mindfullness and movement.

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Lizy has been actively educating others on the science and benefits of cannabis and holistic healing for more than ten years. She has experience behind the counter of a medical cannabis dispensary where she helped hundreds of patients acquire their medicine for a wide variety of afflictions. She has also worked several years in developing and teaching various forms of mindful movement to children, adults, and individuals of all ages and needs. 


Lizy is also a writer, artist, nature-based educator, and avid learner. She enjoys reading, creating, music, cooking, and being with her family on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. 


Specializing in...

Coach Liz believes in you even when you don’t believe in yourself. Her coaching has provided tools and thought patterns that I use in my daily life to find peace in my hectic mind. I just started a new job and feel more prepared than I ever was. Stress doesn’t hit the same.

- Aaron

Liz blew my mind with the depth of knowledge she has about cannabis and how it works in my body. 

She has held space for me as I transition from chemical medication to nature's medicine and I have felt confident and supported through this change.

- Lindsay

I've been meeting with Liz for several months now and have grown so much with her help. I love how she meets me “where I am," so I can still be productive, even on days I feel down or have low energy. She never expects me to be something I’m not, but instead helps me become the best version of myself.

- Dawn

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